Our Story
CRAZY EVENTS has managed to become the number one family entertainment company in the Middle East with more than 18 years of experience in the industry. Some search for high-class elite experiences or wander for the event of the season. Some aim for unforgettable memories and others want the pictures to endure their nostalgia. Well let's say we got it all and we got it Crazy.
CRAZY EVENTS offers the elite experience every individual dreams of.

Providing you with shows from around the world, astounding variety acts, professional entertainers, customized mascots of choice, fully themed birthday packages featuring table décor and interior setups, as well as workshops, art stations and much more!

We offer our services for private birthdays, corporate launchings, mall activations, parades, holiday events, and festivals around the Middle East. From top Skilled aerialists, stilt walkers, mimes, clowns, dancers, ballerinas, magicians, acrobats, hula-hoop artists, makeup artists, choreographers, and many more, ensuring perfect customer satisfaction with every project we execute.

Crazy Events is more than just an entertainment company. We also produce licensed shows and massive stage productions. Our recent productions include BALLOONS WONDERLAND WORLD TOUR, INTERNATIONAL BUBBLES SPECTACULAR, SANTA EXPRESS CIRCUS, CANDY FEST WORLD TOUR and THE FROZEN CITY ICE WORLD TOUR. All productions amassing huge success and attracting thousands of visitors and important media outlets around the Middle East.

If you are still wondering what to do, call us and let's get CRAZY. Our company is able to perform worldwide!
What Makes us Different
What distinguishes Crazy Events amongst others in the field in the delicate study and production of every single project executed by our huge team of entertainment, events and media experts. Not to forget our exclusive in-house productions. 

We don't aim for ordinary events at our company, we look for the craziest.

Our offices are based in Beirut Lebanon and Dubai, UAE. Available for bookings all around the world.

Welcome to CRAZY EVENTS, your entertainment destination.
Our Clients & Partners