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A candy world themed birthday party with candy costumes calls for a sweet extravaganza of entertainment and decoration.

Imagine a candy wonderland with larger-than-life candy decorations, towering lollipops, and candy canes. You can set up a candy buffet with colorful candies in different shapes and sizes. For entertainment, how about organizing a candy scavenger hunt where guests can search for hidden candy treasures? Or, set up a candy-making station where guests can create their candy masterpieces. And what's a candy world party without candy costumes? Encourage guests to dress up as their favorite candy, from M&M's to gummy bears to candy bars. For added fun, set up a candy-themed photo booth with candy-themed props like giant candy necklaces, oversized candy hearts, and candy corn hats.

With this entertaining and delicious decoration, your guests are sure to have a sweet time in this candy world extravaganza!
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