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A Barbie World themed birthday party with Barbie and Ken calls for a fabulous and glamorous extravaganza of entertainment and decoration.

Transform your party space into a pink paradise with Barbie-inspired decorations like hot pink balloons, sequined tablecloths, and glittery streamers. Create a runway for Barbie and Ken to showcase their latest fashion looks, complete with bright lights and thumping music. For entertainment, set up a Barbie-themed photo booth with oversized Barbie accessories like giant sunglasses, tiaras, and sparkly necklaces.

Organize a Barbie-themed scavenger hunt where guests can search for hidden Barbie dolls and accessories. To add to the glitz and glamour, hire a makeup artist to give guests Barbie-inspired makeovers, complete with bright pink lipstick and sparkly eyeshadow. With this entertaining and glamorous decoration, your guests will feel like they've stepped into the world of Barbie and Ken.

Let the fashion show begin!
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